Dear Friends of First Presbyterian Church and First Presbyterian Preschool,

Greetings, from the happiest place on Earth. Gazing at the large Mondale pine tree in front of First Presbyterian Church, it is symbolic of an exciting journey that began as a seed and has already sprouted into a tiny sapling. The creation of a school to serve children beyond their time at the Preschool was actually an idea and request by parents many times over – and this past fall was the providential time to turn it into a reality. The COVID-19 pandemic has turned education as we knew it on its head, and many of us did not want to return to the large masses of kids in public school. So rather than homeschool in isolation, a group of families have come together to give our children an opportunity to continue learning in-person in the richness of the Reggio Emilia-inspired model that is First Presbyterian Preschool (FPP.))

We are so honored and excited to tell you that First Presbyterian Elementary School (FPE) is hosting its inaugural class of 30 wonderful students this academic year in grades 1 thru 6. School began on September 8, 2020 and we have not had a single closure due to COVID transmission or infection.


Fundraising Goal

Thank you to our generous sponsors!

Mondel Pine $5,000+

  • Preston & Erin Brown

Mesquite $1,000+

  • Barbara Christopher
  • Helen Edwards
  • Don & Elizabeth Margo

Honey Locust $250+

  • Stone Family

Palo Verde $50+

  • Patricia McLaughlin
  • Sycamore $2,500+

  • Ana Blunk
  • Texas Madrone $500+

  • Kimmie & Dalton Caldwell
  • Live Oak $100+

  • Martha Lyon
  • Cece Neal
  • Eileen Salome
  • Outdoor Environment

    • Helen Edwards
    • Gunn Family

    Founding Sponsorship Oppourtunities

    Mondel Pine Sponsor  $5000+ 

    Sycamore Sponsor $2500+ 

    Mesquite Sponsor $1000+ 

    Texas Madrone Sponsor  $500+ 

    Honey Locust Sponsor $250+ 

    Live Oak Sponsor $100+ 

    Palo Verde Sponsor $50+

    Founding Sponsor Pledge

    13 + 9 =

    Sprouts Sponsor Pledge

    10 + 15 =

    Sprouts Sponsorship Opportunities (1st grade)

    Classroom Sponsor $1000

    Spielgaben Complete Learning System $500

    iPad $350

    LED sensory light table $149

    Light Sandbox Sensory Activity Table $290

    Seedlings Sponsorship Opportunities (2nd & 3rd grades)

    Classroom Sponsor $1000

    Spielgaben Complete Learning System $500

    iPad $350

    LED activity tablet $100

    Seedlings Sponsor Pledge

    15 + 11 =

    Saplings Sponsor Pledge

    10 + 7 =

    Saplings Sponsorship Opportunities (4th, 5th & 6th grades)

    Classroom Sponsor $1000

    Spielgaben Complete Learning System $500

    iPad $350

    Porta-Trace Lumen Series LED Light Panel $115

    We are curating a library and would love the following:

    Books (new and used)

    Children’s Encyclopedias


    Rooted in Education Sponsor Pledge

    7 + 6 =

    Sustenance Sponsor Pledge

    15 + 7 =

    Sustenance for short and long-term survival

    FPE is working on some building improvements and you may sponsor any of these:

    Water bottle filler $549

    Hallway hand washing double sink and faucets (2)  $300

    Bathroom faucets  (6) $100

    Air Purifier – Air Doctor (3) $379

    Outdoor Environment Sponsorship Opportunities

    Every day the children will spend at least half of their time at school outside.

    Fencing Sponsor $12,000
    Garden Beds Sponsor $200
    Water Play Sponsor $500
    Mud Kitchen Sponsor $100
    Sand Play Sponsor $200
    Community Built Play Structure Sponsor $8,000
    Shade Sails Sponsor $5,000
    Wooden Kid’s Balance Beam $50
    Music Garden Sponsor $2,000
    Math Shed Sponsor $200
    See Saw Sponsor $75
    Ninja Line Sponsor. $100
    Tree Bench Sponsor $200

    Outdoor Sponsor Pledge

    10 + 12 =

    Indoor Sponsor Pledge

    6 + 15 =

    Indoor Environment Sponsorship Opportunities

    Library Sponsor $1500
    Interior Paint & Equipment $750
    Rugs $150+
    Flexible Seating (scoop chairs, balance balls, poufs) $50+
    White Board $150
    Custom Magnet Boards (3) $100 each
    Indoor Plants and Pots $250
    Teacher’s Desks $50+
    Kid’s Tables $50+
    Automatic Hand Soap Dispensers (5) $50 each
    Easels (10) $60 each
    Casso Display Rail Art Hanging System (10) $45 for each 72” rail
    Microscopes (6) $40 each
    Water bottle filler $549


    1340 Murchison Dr

    El Paso, Texas 79902