Life-long Skills

Our students achieve not only academic success but also develop essential skills and tools for life. They encounter experiences that promote confidence, independence, collaboration, self-assurance, and self-awareness, nurturing life skills and empowering them to navigate the many challenges they will face as they grow. We invite them to speak up, to respect different opinions and thoughts, and to have empathy towards those around them. We encourage them to research answers from various sources, to learn from their mistakes, to redefine failure as opportunity, and to celebrate milestone achievements both individually and as a community. Social-emotional development is the backbone of every person’s learning evolution. At FPE, we empower our students to build a strong social-emotional foundation that will allow them to confront any situation in their lives.

As all teachers and parents know, there is a big difference between what a child is capable of doing and what a child is willing to do. You cannot teach someone who does not want to learn or someone who does not believe he or she can learn. If we want to promote the hunger for learning, then we should create environments in which students and teachers feel safe to venture beyond what is already known – environments that reflect our values and celebrate students and teachers as uniquely creative individuals.


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