Summer Camp 2023- A Fairytale Experience

                                                    “Play gives children a chance to practice what they are learning” -Fred Rogers                                                          

El Paso Summer Camp

What is Project-Based Learning and how does this approach connect to Summer Camp?

Our main mission at FPE is to create a love for learning within all children. During the academic year, our students focus on using the skills they know and are learning to create a project that demonstrates their knowledge in a productive way that relates to real-life scenarios. Whether they are working on playground designs, STEM projects, class debates, school plays, or artistic creations, they are using multi-disciplinary learning to use an array of skills to practice what they have learned. Through these projects, they are also creating a stronger foundation for life skills such as teamwork, oral speaking, leadership, organization, and problem solving. 

How does this connect to Summer Camp? Our Summer Camp curriculum is made up of multiple classes such as outside play, art, theater, dance, music, and snack creation. During the four weeks at camp, children will play and work together to create, learn, and grow. To follow our project-based approach, at the end of our fourth, and final camp week, the campers will put on a small play to showcase what they have learned all throughout the summer. Whether the child is there all four weeks, or one week, they will fully engage and be an integral part of our summer production project. Throughout the four weeks, campers will work on props, set, dance, and script-reading. Each week will have its own mini project, such as an art creation or dance choreography, so all campers will have been involved in the production project.

Our project-based approach is an opportunity for students to shine in an area that interests them most, whether that is dance or outside play, but also learn how to work in a group and as a team with the other campers around them.

Concepts and Activities:

Art: Each week the children will create a piece of art that can be taken home to be shown to friends and family. Art is an important form of self-expression and creativity.

Music & Movement: Music will be incorporated with dance to practice exercise, as well as rhythm and instrument play. Incorporating music and movement into our day will work on coordination, language, and creative thinking. Dance will be used to practice focus and add exercise while working on group choreography.

Outside Play: Research shows that outside play creates happier, healthier, and stronger children. At First Pres, we believe in letting the child play and enjoying nature. 

Theater: Theater is a great way to build self-confidence and improve self-esteem. Our days in theater will include games, prompts, and activities that give us the confidence to have fun and get silly! Theater is a great way to help develop a strong sense of identity and group work. 


Our camp is for incoming 1st graders – incoming 7th graders.

Summer Camp Schedule

Daily camp times: 9:00 am – 1:30 pm.

  • Week 1: June 19-23
  • Week 2: June 26-30
  • Week 3: July 3,5-7 (no camp on the July 4th holiday)
  • Week 4: July 10-14


$150/week for incoming 1st graders – incoming 7th graders.
Includes registration, tuition, supplies, and daily snack.

Students have the option to bring their own lunch or sign up for Hot Meals. Hot Meals is a separate cost at $43 per week, and a separate link will be provided when registration opens.


1340 Murchison Drive

El Paso, TX, United States


(915) 532-6157